Our products have helped many people to regrow their hair from different types of hair loss but they do not help everyone. Everyone's body and health condition is different and reacts differently. The only way to know what products, diets, regimens, etc. will work for you is to try.

When it comes to hair growth results will vary. What works for one person's hair may not work for another. Our products are made to promote not just hair growth but the overall health of the body. Some people will notice the benefits within weeks and some within months.

The I am Free Hair Care products can be used by anyone. They are natural, safe for children and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Shipping within the U.S. or Canada typically takes 5 to 7 business days on average.

Yes, they are. Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Yes, our products can be used on all hair types. From very curly hair to fine straight textured hair.