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AF Hair Spritz

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The AF Hair Spritz is a lightweight leave in conditioner which is great to add moisture to your hair. It contains all natural ingredients and essential oils that are beneficial for aiding in amazing hair growth. It is all natural and can be used on a daily basis. This Spritz helps to condition, strengthen, moisturize and soften hair strands. It helps to repair damaged and dry hair from the inside out. This can be used on all hair types for softer, silkier hair. 

Growth Program for people with less hair

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  • 30,000+ Happy Customers

  • Cruelty free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Suitable for all hair types


This product is can be applied to all hair types. From afro textured to Hispanic, Asian, East Indian and caucasian.

Our products have helped many people to regrow their hair from many different forms of hair loss including alopecia. However they don't help everyone. Everyone's body and condition is different and reacts differently. As a Trichologist, using products are one of the ways Jass help people to regrow their hair. she also use diets, regimens, anti-fungals, vitamins, etc. The only way to know what products and solutions will work for you is to try.

Everyone's body and hair loss condition is different. Hair growth is a process and results vary from weeks to months. Results are not guaranteed and there are those who will not experience results with our products however there is still hope.

Our products have helped many people who have been diagnosed with scarring alopecia. However our products do not help everyone. The only way to know if our products will work for you is to try.

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